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By Comfort Xpress, Jun 18 2016 06:03PM


Stop by and see Comfort Xpress at the Powell Festival June 24 and June 25, 2016. This festival is a FREE event with entertainment, fireworks, Kids Zone, food vendors and more. At the festival Comfort Xpress will be hosting the BARNYARD EXPRESS shows on Saturday, June 25. These shows are both educational and entertaining featuring farmer John and his barnyard animals. Help farmer John bottle feed the baby goats and pigs. Watch the antics of farm animals participating in the show. Stop by and share in the fun. We look forward to seeing you there!

By Comfort Xpress, Jun 5 2016 12:27AM

The Benefits and Savings of Preventive Maintenance – Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

The benefits of a regular air conditioning and heating preventive maintenance schedule can give you tangible returns of added life to the system and lower energy and repair bills. Air Conditioning and Heating systems definitely need regular preventive maintenance to maintain the system and keep it running at optimum levels throughout its life. For example, dirty outdoor coils (condenser coils) can cause the compressor to run harder and pull more amps. More amps equates to higher electric bills. Dirty coils, which make your compressor work harder and will eventually cause premature failure of that compressor, so you pay a higher electric bill and you pay to replace the compressor sooner rather than later. The benefits can definitely out way neglecting your air conditioning and heating system by not carrying out and regular air conditioning and heating preventive maintenance schedule.

By Comfort Xpress, Jun 4 2016 11:41PM

The Heating & Cooling industry is a great place to train for career opportunities. Seasoned service technicians and installation personnel are always in demand. It is one industry where you can start at the ground floor level, an installation helper, and build your knowledge level as you learn the trade. Many service technicians have began their careers in the installation department.

Comfort Xpress can offer you employment opportunties as an Installation Helper, Lead Man, or Service Technician. Contact us today to apply.

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